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It has 14 hectares of park strategically designed around the Main House, which were made under the supervision of Jules Steverlynck, and his wife, Marie Alice, who incorporated over the years, plants and trees brought from different parts of the world.

The park is crossed by 2 kilometers of meandering gravel trails, where you will find dozens of peacocks, pheasants and guinea fowl throughout the day.

The Great House marks the meeting point of two different types of park.

The northern one of an exquisite forest density and the one of the south on a inclined natural meadow, inhabited by deer and delimited in the line of the horizon by leafy forests of more than 300 varieties of trees.

Another unique feature of the park are its «roundabouts». These are circular spaces, open and slightly raised, with metallic vault structures covered by wisteria and other varieties of flowering plants. They are ideal spots for roasts since they provide a naturally fresh shade.

Just a few meters from the Main House and hidden by a small dense forest, you will find the brick dust tennis court.

One of the favorite places when receiving guests is the southern meadow of the Main House, from where you can contemplate the sunset in the vastness of the field, moment that is accompanied by the murmur of the water that flows through the stones of the tajamar, becoming a source of food for the bird reserve, among which are turkeys, geese and flamingos, ending at one of the lagoons of the Estancia.