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About the Estancia

Santa Elena is a unique Estancia of 900 hectares, with more than 400 varieties of trees and six lagoons designed in the forest reserve, forming an ecosystem of incalculable beauty through its fields, gardens and meadows.

Saint Helena is the living legacy of a visionary man, Jules M. Steverlynck, and his beloved wife, Marie Alice Gonnet. It is the manifestation of a life dedicated to work and social well-being, based strongly on family values ​​and a deep spirituality, a sense of integral community and a firm commitment to the highest moral standards.

St. Helena was not only the home of the Steverlynck family, but represented the heart of an entire community, Villa Flandria.

The Creation of the Estancia is the story of the pioneering spirit of Jules and his wife, of their dedication to family life, their love of nature and their unconditional desire to serve their community. This unique spirit can be seen in the extraordinary beauty of Santa Elena, in every detail of its sculpted gardens and parks, in the magnitude of its buildings and the magical harmony that spreads in every corner of the Estancia.

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