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The approximately 400 hectares of forests that Santa Elena has, are almost 80 years old and are an inestimable part of the Jules heritage. As a faithful lover of nature, he personally supervised all aspects of the landscaping, which harmoniously combined between more than 300 local and foreign species of trees, industrial and scenic plants and animals that developed in natural spaces. Later a system of seven interconnected lagoons was created. These lagoons are one of the highlights of Santa Elena and provide an impressive landscape, especially in autumn when the colors are at their peak.

The Luján River, silent, quiet and meandering rapidly, is really one of the cornerstones of Villa Flandria and Santa Elena’s history of life and progress. It is a source of entertainment, leisure, beauty and the base of the surrounding ecosystem.

This eastern border stretches more than 5 kilometers, which start at the factory site and reach the lagoon system area. The river is navigational and has a tendency for all kinds of recreational water activities.